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Contract Manufacturing Firm Coastal Life Technologies Expands Client Service Offerings with New Equipment

Coastal Life Technologies, a San Antonio-based contract manufacturing outsource provider focused on delivering turn-key services for medical devices, has ordered a second automated system for handling coiled tubing. The systems cut tubing to length, coils it in pre-determined diameters, and bands it in place to retain the shape automatically, which will enable Coastal Life Technologies to keep up with increased demand.

This is in addition to the company’s existing automated tubing system and its recent acquisition of a horizontal form, fill, and sealing machine to provide flexible or semi-rigid packaging with sterile barriers for its clients.

Coastal Life Technologies is gearing up for the world’s largest Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) event next month. The Medical Device & Manufacturing West show is February 8-11 in Anaheim, California.

“We are experiencing unprecedented growth with a number of our clients and we will continue to reinvest in our hardware to keep up with our clients’ needs to produce and ship their products on a global scale,” said Coastal Life Technologies Chief Operating Officer, David Huff.

Centrally located in San Antonio, Texas Coastal Life Technologies, Inc. (CLT) is a single-source solution for medical device manufacturers who want to increase productivity and decrease time to market in a cost-effective and quality-controlled environment. CLT specializes in the assembly, packaging and sterilization of single-use surgical devices, and offers streamlined solutions from designing and engineering a product, warehousing, order fulfillment, distribution and shipping. CLT is ISO 13485:2003 certified with ISO Class 8 cleanrooms.

Final Assembly & Sterile Packaging

CLT can perform a variety of assembly processes and packaging operations in our 8,000 square foot ISO Class 8 clean room. Our primary expertise is in assembling and packaging sterile, single-use, disposable surgical devices.

We engineer processes and streamline manufacturing to allow for greater efficiencies, lowering cost to our customers. Our team reviews the specific assembly requirements and selects the best systems for the product. Lean Manufacturing tenets such as pull systems, back flushing, and Kanbans are utilized to maintain and maximize production control and efficiency.

Product quality should not depend on inspection after production; it should be inherent to the design and manufacturing processes. Quality is always a part of our process engineering. A quality assurance plan suited to your product requirements will be established, including the quality benchmarks used in our continuous improvement efforts.

Process validation is integral to the final packaging of all sterile devices that we manufacture. We can package in pouches or trays depending on what is best suited for your product. CLT continues to monitor the packaging process as part of our ongoing quality plans to ensure package integrity.